GPs-independent Position and Navigation

Skyline Nav AI is making navigation more resilient on land, space, coastal waters, and air with no GPS, cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity required

Move over, urban canyons

Imagine navigating through dense urban jungles or remote landscapes where GPS signals falter or vanish completely. Frustrating, right?


Introducing Skyline Nav AI, a pioneer in AI-powered navigation that liberates you from dependence on GPS, cellular, or Wi-Fi. Our patented technology empowers you to navigate with confidence, even in the toughest environments.

No GPS needed

Picture this: you’re walking through towering skyscrapers in city centers, your autonomous vehicle cruises through uncharted terrain, you’re exploring lunar surface – all without a single GPS ping. Skyline Nav AI achieves this feat through cutting-edge computer vision algorithms.

our solution: Skyline match AI™️

Skyline Match AI™️ identifies skyline features with uncanny precision. 

enable autonomy on the edge

Ready to ditch the limitations of traditional 20th century position and navigation? Embrace the future of autonomy with Skyline Nav AI. Contact us today and unlock the limitless possibilities!

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Multiple Use Cases

From handheld applications, ground vehicles, autonomous vehicles to space rovers, Skyline Nav AI's technology lets you navigate in all scenarios

Wake-Up Robot

We have solved the wake-up robot computer vision problem on the edge, without needing satellite, wi-fi or cellular connectivity.

Constant Learning

AI-enablement, continuous learning, multi-sensor and data fusion allows the tech to constantly train in new and austere environments

High Precision + Accuracy

Don't just rely on GPS and paper maps for position and navigation. Skyline Nav AI's visual and inertial based platform is a powerful alternative!

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