Robust Position and Navigation

Making navigation more resilient on land, sea, air and space

At Skyline Nav AI, we have developed innovative and patented technology that leverages computer vision algorithms and 3D LiDAR data to navigate and position effectively without relying on GPS signals. Our proprietary solution offers a dependable alternative, ensuring our clients can confidently operate in environments where GPS may be obstructed or entirely absent. Our technology excels in its ability to find initial positions and navigate effectively by scanning the terrain and identifying discernible skylines. This unique capability sets us apart and provides a robust foundation for a wide range of applications.


We enable precision navigation for ground-based vehicles and equipment, ensuring optimal performance in scenarios such as rugged terrains, urban canyons, and dense forests. Our technology helps industries like transportation, logistics, agriculture and construction improve efficiency and safety.


Skyline Nav AI supports unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, and aircraft in GPS-denied environments. Our technology empower applications ranging from monitoring and mapping to delivery services, allowing our clients to navigate the skies with precision.


Maritime operations benefit from our technology, ensuring ships and vessels can maintain their course and position even in adverse weather conditions, congested waterways, and remote ocean areas.


Our expertise extends to space exploration and satellite missions. Our technology assist organizations like NASA in accurately determining spacecraft positions, contributing to the success of space missions.

Multiple Use Cases

From handheld applications, ground vehicles, autonomous vehicles to space rovers, Skyline Nav AI's sensor technology lets you navigate in all scenarios

Constant Learning

AI-enablement, continuous learning, multi-sensor and data fusion allows the tech to constantly train in new and austere environments

Higher Precision + Accuracy

Don't just rely on GPS and paper maps for position and navigation. Skyline Nav AI's visual and inertial based platform is a powerful alternative!

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At Skyline Nav AI, we specialize in harnessing the power of computer vision algorithms and 3D LiDAR datasets to provide reliable and accurate positioning and navigation services for a wide range of applications on land, air, sea, and in space. Our proprietary software and hardware leverages AI to detect and track key landmarks and objects, enabling safer and more efficient transportation in complex environments on land, air, water and space with limited or no GPS connectivity. Join us in revolutionizing the future of AI-powered mobility and making navigation more resilient.

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