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Android Team Awareness Kit 

Plugin for US military use

Northstar Integration

Skyline Nav AI iOS app (dual-use)

For commercial-military use

Use native or external camera

API and SDK (integration into proprietary platforms)

For edge autonomy

Engineering support available

applications and use cases


We enable precision navigation for ground-based vehicles ensuring optimal performance in scenarios such as urban canyons and rugged terrains. Our technology helps industries like transportation, logistics, agriculture and construction improve efficiency and safety.


Our expertise extends to space exploration, landing and navigation. Our technology assist organizations like NASA and commercial lunar companies in accurately determining spacecraft positions, contributing to the success of space missions.

coastal waters

Maritime operations benefit from our technology, ensuring ships and vessels can maintain their course and position when approaching coastal regions even in congested waterways and areas with poor satellite connectivity.


Skyline Nav AI supports unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, and aircraft in urban canyons and GPS-denied environments. Our technology empower applications ranging from monitoring and mapping to delivery services, allowing our clients to navigate the skies with precision.