About Skyline Nav ai Inc.

At Skyline Nav AI, we specialize in using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to improve navigation accuracy and precision for drones, autonomous vehicles, eVTOLS & robots with real-time 3D maps. Our proprietary software leverages AI to detect and track key landmarks and objects, enabling safer and more efficient transportation in complex environments with poor GPS connectivity. Join us in revolutionizing the future of AI-powered urban mobility and making navigation more resilient.

Our Team

Kanwar Singh

Technologist & US Army Officer

Harvard, UMass

Dr. Raj Surati

Computer vision, IP expert; serial entrepreneur


Rob Nicholson

Marketing, sales & BD; Innovation leader

US Navy Reserve Officer

Tony Morash

Space, Airborne & Cyber; Strategic Planning Leader

Former Defense Intelligence Officer

BG(R) John Driscoll

Strategic growth & Army use case development 

Retired Army General Officer

BG(R) Peter Green

Strategic growth & Air Force use case development 

Retired Air Force General Officer

Contact Us 

Skyline Nav AI is innovation obsessed. Optimizing client success is core to our mission. We consider it our duty to deliver navigation and position innovation that helps our customers. Skyline was born in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we carry that mindset into enhancing our deliverables. Without our partners and customers, we could not make our vision come to light.