Last updated: November 17, 2020

Advanced encryption

Our app is built with some of the finest protection available and uses advanced encryption to keep transactions protected from start to finish.

Secure connection

When you log in to our apps— whether you are at home, at work, or on the road, and regardless of data or Wi-Fi connection—we establish a secure connection with advanced encryption, to protect your information from being stolen.

Configurable timed log-outs and extra login security

To prevent any unauthorized access, our mobile app automatically logs you out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Tips to help you protect your mobile access

§ Activate a PIN or lock function for your mobile device. Using a PIN is the simplest and most important thing you can do to ensure security on your mobile device, especially if it's lost or stolen. Set the device to auto-lock. You could also enable face, fingerprint-based or other biometric protection if it's available on your device.

§ Automate software updates. Turn on automatic updates on your mobile device if the option is available. Many software programs will automatically update to defend against known risks.

§ Be cautious when downloading apps. Unknown or repackaged apps can contain malware designed to compromise your device. Always purchase or download apps only from reputable app stores. When installing new applications, review permissions and be sure it's safe before granting the access an app requests.

§ Enable "find my device." If your phone or carrier supports a "find my device" feature, it's a good idea to activate it. This can help you find your device if it's lost or stolen, and can remotely lock it or wipe it clean if necessary.